5 Actors Who Played Real-Life Fashion Figures – House of Gucci Halston Chanel YSL – L'Officiel USA

Their fashionable portrayals give us a glimpse of their posh—or perhaps unglamorous, lives.
With androgynous styles and unique inspirations, Yves Saint Laurent undoubtedly revolutionized 20th century fashion.
Lady Gaga will play controversial figure Patrizia Reggiani in the long-awaited film.
Italy is preparing for major changes, including plans to close all fur farms.
'Tis the season for holiday decorations, and celebrities are decking their halls. 
Though the pop star has finally been freed, the legal battle continues.
These celebrities were hits on Google throughout 2021.
This year has seen some of Hollywood's biggest couples part ways. 
The Canadian tuxedo isn't the only way to wear the double denim trend.
Knowing how it felt to feel nothing, Didion kept on playing. 


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